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Spiderman - Web Launcher

Spiderman - Web Launcher

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Fulfill your childhood dream!

Our Web Launcher is super exciting & loads of fun. Enjoy feeling like you're a true superhero! Launch your webs inside or outside. Use it to shoot down objects, grab things, open doors & pick up things!


  • Shoots Far & Holds up to 150 Pounds!
  • Feel like a true superhero
  • Impress your friends and have a blast!
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE; wrist size of this accessory is adjustable and flexible
  • Long Lasting. It is very durable, flexible and stretchy, and easy to carry.
  • It has 2 exchangeable heads that allow the string to stick to different surfaces such as metal, wood and concert, and more.

How does It work?

1. Charge the web shooter with the USB cable that comes in the box and when the cable light is off, you can stop charging it.
2. Now you can use it for about 10 hours until it stops shooting.
3. Retract the web shooter each time you shoot it and make sure it doesn't tangle when reloading.

What does come in the package?

1x Web Shooter G 2 
2x Heads to stick to different surfaces
1x String (8 feet long)
1x Red Glove (Fits everyone)
1x Charger 
1x Manual to know how to use it

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