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Bavlio™ Active Rolling Ball

Bavlio™ Active Rolling Ball

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The #1 Rated dog toy of 2022!

Get your dog a toy that is GUARANTEED to keep them entertained!
94% of customers report that their dog takes an immediate interest in the Bavlio™ Active Rolling Ball & 86% say that it becomes their favourite, go-to toy.

 Make Your Dog The Happiest They've Ever Been

The Bavlio™ is specially designed to boost your dogs mood instantly! The random movement of the ball stimulates and keeps your dog entertained for hours on end.
Your dogs overall happiness will certainly improve as every dog needs hours of active stimulation every day to maintain their mental health and overall well-being!



🐾 Great Physical Outlet - Dogs thrive on fast moving objects & can be easily excited and stimulated, the Bavlio™ is the best way of channeling your dogs excess energy & keeping them entertained.

🐾 Improves Mood & Prevents Destructive Behaviour - Let your dog release its energy properly without destroying your living room! 

🐾 Eliminate boredom - Dogs are more complex than most people believe & become easily bored without stimulation everyday. Most dog toys are simply not good enough to truly eliminate boredom for dogs.

🐾 Eases Anxiety - The Bavlio™ is the best way to ease your dogs separation anxiety and keep them entertained while you aren't there.

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