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Wake Up, Girl

First Years I was born in Mexico and came to the United States as an immigrant when I was four years old. I was born into poverty, and my early years were marked by violence and neglect in my home at the hands of my father. I faced many challenges and obstacles in my life. When I was five years old, the fights between my parents were violent and dangerous. I have five other siblings, but my father treated me differently because of my skin color; I was the darkest one in the family. I didn’t know why my father treated me more violently than my other family members. He gave me insulting nicknames and abused me, both physically and emotionally. I...

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The Key to Kindness: Live a Life You Are Proud Of

Who knew you could find practical advice on being kind to you on YouTube? Thanks to a newly released 40-minute documentary, you can. And the good news is, you don’t have to be perfect to live a life you are proud of. There is beauty in your messiness. In fact, what you think are your biggest obstacles may actually be your biggest gifts. So, be kind to yourself. “I can be exactly who I am in the moment, with all my mess-ups, and my failures, and my pain and my complications. I can…still have something to give, still have a life worth living.” —Claire Wineland Claire the documentary is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Nick Reed, and Ryan Azevedo. The film tells the story...

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4 Simple Steps to Stay Centered in a Pandemic

This is the first in a series of blogs that I will be offering on how to best nourish ourselves and each other during the spread of Covid-19. Please feel free to email me at info@womenforone.com if you’d like me to address specific issues around this pandemic, ranging from self-care to the power of staying informed. You’d think that the seasonal shift into spring would bring a bit of relief and the anticipation of much-needed spring cleaning and warm weather plans. Sadly, nature seems to have something different in store for us. As the novel Coronavirus takes its toll on our minds, bodies, and economy, I’m witnessing a new level of alarm with respect to our overall health and future....

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